White Fillings

Instead of metal fillings, we offer beautiful white fillings that seamlessly blend with the rest of your smile. White fillings can match the natural shade of your teeth. They won’t be obvious to others and can be placed anywhere on the tooth.

If you have a cavity, come see our team at Hope Mills Dental for white fillings, also called composite fillings.

What Is a Filling?

A cavity filling can restore a tooth that is damaged by decay and provide strength and a natural shape. We create white fillings with a composite resin that will maintain the appearance and texture of a natural tooth.

Cavities develop because of tooth decay. Some people are also more prone to developing cavities, depending on genetics and the shapes of their teeth. We provide composite fillings to help keep your teeth from developing more serious complications while still maintaining a natural appearance.

Why We Like Composite Fillings

Here are a few reasons we have chosen to use composite fillings to help restore damaged teeth:

  • Safety: White fillings don’t contain any harmful substances. The materials used to create a composite filling are completely safe for you.
  • Natural Appearance: Whether your cavity filling is on the front or back of your tooth, your filling won’t be noticeable to others because of its natural appearance.
  • Effective: We can restore teeth with small or larger cavities. With our white fillings, your teeth can maintain strength and a great appearance.
  • Protection: Cavity fillings can protect you from tooth loss, infection, deep decay, and other issues. It’s best to fill a cavity as soon as possible to keep further problems from developing.

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