Checkups & Cleanings

Having dental issues can be frustrating and uncomfortable. One of the best ways to avoid dental decay and disease is by visiting your dentist regularly for a teeth cleaning and a dental check-up.

At Hope Mills Dental, we provide cleanings and exams to remove plaque and to check for any potential dental problems. When you come to see us regularly, we can prevent dental issues from developing. We also provide other important preventative care and family dentistry services to keep your smile in great shape!

Reasons to Get a Dental Check Up and Cleaning

When you don’t have pain in your teeth or an obvious complication, you may not think to visit the dentist. However, there are a lot of reasons it’s important to come see us for a regular dental cleaning and checkup, even when you think your teeth are just fine:

  • We can help prevent dental decay and keep it from growing. Our advanced technology helps us discover dental decay so we can combat it.
  • Our tools will clean your teeth effectively. If you brush and floss regularly, that’s great, but it’s not quite enough to get rid of all the tartar and plaque deposits in your teeth. With a proper teeth cleaning, we can remove bad bacteria and prevent decay from damaging your teeth.
  • A dental cleaning costs less than dental treatments. Visiting us regularly will most likely keep you from developing dental complications that can be costly to treat. By visiting us for regular cleanings, you can save money in the long run.
  • We can discover complicated dental issues. With our dental technology, we can detect oral cancer, tumors, periodontal disease, and more. Many of these issues are best treated early. If you’re coming in for regular visits, we will most likely catch any problems before they grow.

Come Visit Us

At Hope Mills Dental, we are happy to serve you and your loved ones with our quality family dentistry services. Come visit us to keep your oral health on track!

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