Advanced Technology

Advances in technology have changed so many aspects of life in last few decades. The world of dentistry has also been improved by amazing technology that helps provide treatments that are quicker, more comfortable, and more accurate.

Here at Hope Mills Dental, we use advanced dental technology to contribute to our convenient, quality care. Learn more about all the tools we use to provide you with improved oral health!

Perio Lasers

Laser therapy for periodontal disease leads to faster, more flawless treatment than ever before. With perio lasers, we can provide treatment with less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort, yet more accuracy than with traditional procedures. Perio lasers also contribute to a shorter recovery time.

Digital X-Rays

Do you remember getting x-rays on your teeth in the past? It was probably not the quickest, most comfortable experience. Digital x-rays immediately provide us with images and answers without sacrificing your comfort. They also emit only about 10% of the amount of radiation that traditional x-rays do.


If you have complications with your jaw or sinuses, our panoramic x-ray, or panorex, can help us to discover what may be happening. The panorex can detect these issues in their beginning stages:

  • Oral cancer
  • Tumors
  • TMJ disorder (TMD)
  • Problematic mouth sores
  • Extra teeth

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions provide a quicker, cleaner way to create a replica of your teeth than dental impressions of the past. Our Trios 3-Shape Scanner captures images of your teeth that we can then view on the computer. This allows us to create dental restorations that fit you more perfectly.

Intraoral Cameras

We can easily see enlarged images of any part of the mouth with our intraoral cameras. With this small, handheld tool, we can detect the following dental issues:

  • Plaque
  • Decay
  • Worn enamel
  • And more!

Come see how our advanced dental technology helps us to better serve you. Call Hope Mill Dental today to schedule an appointment!